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Metro Imaging Administrative Office

11639 Olive Blvd

P.O. Box 411515

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Phone: (314) 333-6750

Fax: (314) 432-0178

Chief Executive Officer

Harley Hammerman, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Deanne Blume, RT(R)(M)(CT)

CFO & Director of Strategic Initiatives

Christine Keefe, CPA, CMPE


Benjamin Krenke

Operations Support Administrator

Kenney Jackson

Billing Manager

Gayle Pacheco

Metro Imaging Business Development

Key Account Executive

Debbie Daly

(314) 371-5242

New Account Executive

Anne Betten

(314) 371-5278

New Account Executive

Jayne Salazar

(314) 371-5557

New Account Executive

Lori Dames

(314) 371-6055

Metro Imaging South County

13303 Tesson Ferry Road

St. Louis, MO 63128

Phone: (314) 843-5888

Fax: (314) 843-1905

Site Manager

Linda Lilley, RT(MR)(N)

Medical Director

Philip Trotta, MD

Staff Radiologist

Ian Graham, MD

Metro Imaging West County

11615 Olive Blvd

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Phone: (314) 993-9555

Fax: (314) 993-9550

Site Manager

Jill Lee, RT(R)(M)(CT)

Medical Director

Sirisha Jasti, MD

Staff Radiologist

Mark Hoffman, MD

Metro Imaging North County

125 Dunn Road

Florissant, MO 63031

Phone: (314) 921-9555

Fax: (314) 921-5525

Site Manager

Michelle Long, RT(R)(M)(CT)

Medical Director

Richard Koch, MD

Metro Imaging St. Peters

4750 Mexico Road

St. Peters, MO 63376

Phone: (636) 498-4555

Fax: (636) 498-2555

Site Manager

Becky Wilbers, RT(R)(CT)

Medical Director

Karen Gladden, MD

Metro Imaging Richmond Heights

6520 Clayton Rd

Richmond Heights, MO 63117

Phone: (314) 333-5777

Fax: (314) 333-5888

Site Manager

Jacqueline Tierney, RT(R)

Medical Director

Albert Hammerman, MD

Our Patients Tell Our Story Best

I am going to contact my physician and tell him to start referring patients to Metro. Since many people now have high deductibles, the cost for my exam was 1/3 the cost of just the technical component at the hospital. And I was offered a 40% discount if I paid at the point of service. I also didn't have the issue of parking and waiting like I have experienced in the past with hospital based radiology departments.

- West County Patient

I could not have had a better experience today. I came in to your center extremely nervous, and your staff made me feel like family before I left. This was such a pleasant experience; I have already told a dozen of my co-workers to visit your location if they ever need your services.

- South County Patient

I only go to Metro Imaging, even when the doctor wants me to go to his or her radiology department. Onsite results plus VIP service are prime reasons why I always come to Metro imaging for my radiology tests.

- North County Patient

I had been having my mammograms at a hospital for 20 yrs & decided to go to your facility this time since you are doing 3D at no additional cost to the patient. I am so glad I chose Metro Imaging.

- St. Peters Patient

It was a great experience. I was there for a routine x-ray and didn't have an appointment. I was only there about 35 minutes, what a pleasant alternative to going to the hospital for an x-ray, not to mention the cost savings! I will always choose Metro Imaging over the hospital.

- Richmond Heights Patient

Metro does an EXCELLENT job. I will never return to the hospital-based system again. I recommend Metro to all of my friends.

- St. Peters Patient

I have been in medicine for over 20 years and I have never seen or used a better facility. Efficient, professional, courteous, lower cost – better than any hospital I have seen, and I have used all in the County area as a patient and physician. I have sent my patients to several facilities, outpatient and hospital, nothing better. So all in all, Metro is the best in town for certain.

- West County Patient

OnSite Results eliminates what could be days of uncertainty while waiting for a follow-up from a physician. I received my results within minutes of finishing the exam.

- Richmond Heights Patient

Metro Imaging provides professional diagnostic imaging services in a convenient, service-oriented setting. Metro Imaging has been the model for outpatient imaging in the greater St. Louis area since 1994. Our five locations feature state-of-the-art technology, a friendly and caring staff, easy parking and a warm, upscale environment. With our exclusive OnSite Results, the choice is yours and the results are now.